When I started school I had no idea the love I would attain for styling hair. I love challenging myself to create beauty with various different hair textures.  After only a couple weeks into my beauty education, I started seriously considering making a career out of styling hair for brides.. COOLEST thing ever, right?! Well sometime in January I came across a nationwide hair competition that was starting up for beauty school students only, so I began looking into it. As I read the requirements, it mentioned having to put on your own photoshoot and then submit 3 images. HOLY! How the heck was I going to pull that off?! I have no idea what the freak I’m doing!  Well months later, after multiple mental, emotional, and physical break downs, I have 3 images. 3 images that I am PROUD to submit. 3 images I worked my butt off to submit. 3 images that are here for you to see!

I hope you can feel a little bit of my passion for styling through these beautiful images.

CE9U0284-Edit CE9U0312-Edit CE9U0336-Edit

you’re beautiful.


Mariah Joy


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