Four Wheel Friday

Forgive me as I am still reminiscing on the weekend…

February was a long month for the Kimball Family: traveling, getting sick, and trying to stay on top of school/work. Michael and I were definitely in need of some time together not being drugged up on Nyquil. πŸ˜› This past weekend has been so ideal for us, lounging, grocery shopping TOGETHER, and a couple long awaited date nights! Recently, Michael has made some friends at work who own four wheelers and he has become obsessed with riding. So on Friday night we packed the truck up and headed out to the desert to enjoy the nice weather! There is a spot about 30 mins outside of Rexburg, right on the river, that is absolutely beautiful (as you can see in the pics.) We decided to take the pups, start a fire, cook tin foil dinners, roast s’mores, and ride. We had so much fun cruising around and enjoying each other’s company and the company of our cute friends!

Let’s get rid of our winter coats and feel the warmth of the sun! Spring is around the corner my friends.

you’re beautiful.


Mariah Joy

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