Golden Bride

I think it will forever be my favorite to get bride’s ready. So to you, my readers, I apologize for the continuous stream of bridal shoots.. but they’re beyond beautiful, right?! All photography was done by Katriel Abbott. She is amazing at what she does, and not to mention the kindest soul I have ever worked with. Here are some of my favorite shots she took that day!

2015-03-05 23.15.27 2015-03-05 23.19.38 2015-03-05 23.27.29 2015-03-05 23.30.08 2015-03-05 23.31.162015-03-06 01.35.092015-03-06 01.35.582015-03-06 01.37.122015-03-06 02.41.562015-03-06 02.52.312015-03-06 01.24.56

you’re beautiful.


Mariah Joy


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