One month down. 

Today marks one month since we had Charlotte. One month guys! One long whole month! We survived the first month.

 Isn’t there like a medal or something that should be coming our way now?? 😉 

Looking back on the past month, with tears rolling down my face, I cannot begin to express how much love I have for this little soul and the first month we have spent together. We may not know the difference between night and day, but that’s okay. The snuggles when we finally do find it in us to sleep make it all worth it. We may be terrified you’ll pee or poop on us every time we have to change your diaper, but that’s okay. Seeing your little legs stretch and grow everyday makes it all worth it. I may have hickies all over my chest, but that’s okay. I can’t imagine not being able to bond like we do when I am nursing you. And it melts my heart when you don’t feel good your comfort spot is my chest. Your grunts in your sleep may be loud and people may laugh at you, but that’s okay. Your grunts reassure us that you’re still alive and kicking! 

Happy one month old my baby girl! We are so proud of how much you have grown and are excited to see you keep growing. We love you so much. Thank you for bringing more love and laughter into our family! 

Now let’s go get eat a jar full of cookies because well, we deserve it.  



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