She’s a fighter 

Around 5 o’clock each night Charlotte gets a lil fussy. So naturally I tried to feed her but she is getting strong enough now to pull away from me. She is strong enough now to throw her arms against me. Pretty much what I am saying is that it has come to the point where she beats me up. Haha It is annoyingly the cutest thing ever. Why? Why is she the cutest thing ever? 

She doesn’t only fight me though. More importantly, she fights sleep. So for about 4 hours we are just fighting mom and sleep back and forth. Until she finally falls asleep in my arms, while the fear of waking her slowly subsides… The joy of holding Char seeps in and I just can’t let her go. So we sit, cuddle, and hope that maybe tomorrow night we will make the move from the couch to our comfy beds.  


On a side note: I caught this video of her smiling this morning and well it just melts my heart. Hope you enjoy it too. 


Mariah Joy 


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