I’m not a morning person. I’m the worst at waking up. I hate to admit it, but my mom woke me up every morning until I left for college. Who am I kidding? She still wakes me up with a phone call every now and then. πŸ˜›

Michael and I love to sleep in until late morning, make a big breakfast and Β just spend time together.

Since Charlotte has come into our lives things are different, obviously. HA. But I have been finding myself looking forward to our early mornings. I find joy in watching the sun rise while I am nursing. Falling back asleep with my baby cuddling me so hard. I love waking up 2 hours later to her crying until I look at her. When she sees me suddenly her crying turns into a gummy no teeth grin. Β Seeing that grin makes my morning, every morning. Here is to hoping she grin’s at me every morning until she leaves for college. Fingers crossed.

This weekend Michael and I have some family coming into town for Charlotte’s baby blessing. We are so excited to see them. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Mariah Joy


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