Big Loose Curl Hairstyle



Hi guys! I am so excited to be doing more step by step hairstyles for you. A lot of my friends and clients have been expressing to me how they do the same thing with their hair everyday and don’t know how to switch things up! If you are also feeling this way then make sure you follow along while I show you this hairstyle and many more coming soon!

I love this big loose curl hairstyle because it is beautiful, effortless and classy.  I did this look on my dear friend and client, Shannon with Much Most Darling Blog. First, I curled her entire head using the Bombay 32 mm wand. I wrapped each section around the iron flat, not twisted. Once I was done curling I ran my fingers through everything to make the curls a tad bit more relaxed. Shannon has some bangs growing out, which if you have ever had bangs that you wanted to finally grow then you know it takes awhile and most days you just pin them back. Well here is the perfect way to get them out of your face! I parted off a triangle section right around her bang area and put it up in a small pony tail. Then I proceeded to tease around the crown for some more volume!

I hope this helps you think of some new hairstyle ideas for your own hair. Be sure to post a picture in the comments below if you recreate this look!  Have a beautiful weekend! I will be enjoying the cooler weather here in Boise with my hubs and baby girl!



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