Simple + Sassy + Sexy


Earlier this year I got to work on an engagement themed styled shoot with multiple vendors in the Boise Area. We shot at the Lucky Peak Reservoir at the perfect time of night, the lighting was perfect. But moral of the story is I didn’t electricity outlets to plug in my irons to help switch up her looks so I had to be a tad bit creative. I thought I would share with you the three different ways I styled her hair. I hope these looks will inspire you to be able to switch up your hair throughout the day, or the week.

First look was simple, curls. I love curling hair, seriously its like therapy to me. HA. I used the Paul Mitchell 1 in’ wand and wrapped the hair around in different directions throughout the hair. Her hair was thick and long so I turned up the heat on the wand so the curls would last longer. After I curled them, I took the biggest wide tooth comb that I could find and brush through those curls to give the style an effortless vibe. TA-DA! All done with look one!


Second look is simple with a little bit of sass. All you need to do is keep the curls and add a braid. I decided to take 2 pieces from the sides of her head, bring them together in the back and fishtail those 2 strands together. Of course I distressed the braid to make it fluffy and more relaxed. Isn’t that such an easy way to add some sass to your look? TRY IT!


Third look is the simpliest, sassiest and sexiest of all three looks. All you need is some curls and two hair elastics. Β Gather all of the hair in a low pony tail. *Make sure you pinch and pull around the crown for volume* Then take your second elastic and tie another pony tail about 2-3 down from the first. *pinch and pull for texture and volume* Depending on your length of hair you can keep repeating these steps or you can stop there like I did! Often times I get hear my friends say they don’t bother venturing out with different hairstyles because they don’t have time or don’t know how to braid. Which is why I love this look because it is the simpliest way to dress up a pony tail. Anyone can do a pony tail.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can dress up your own hair. Please let me know which look is your favorite or if you try any of these looks on yourself!


(Photography by the talented Glean Photography)





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